Commercial Relocation

Commercial Relocation.

We have a vast number of corporations which we have helped relocate in the past and we are continuing to serve all over India’s corporations with quick and efficient relocations at a reasonable price.

Every commercial office relocation includes a binding price that is provided well in advance so that your company can plan its budget accordingly and prepare for the move without worrying about incurring extra charges on the day of the relocation. It is very important for us to maintain a fair price for our customers, even though the relocation itself can take days. At Inner City Moving & Storage, we realize that you have a company to run and understand that keeping business going during your relocation is equally important.

We will provide any and all materials necessary for the office move, including packing supplies and fully equipped trucks. We will disassemble all types of furniture. Inner City Moving & Storage specializes in moving office cubicles and all types of office furniture and, if required, we'll bring in our own company carpenter who can disassemble and reassemble the most complex pieces of furniture. The best part of all is that this is all included in the binding price!

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